Earth Day 2022 - Let's bring in the Plants!

April 22, 2022 - Michelle Murphy

With it being Earth Day, MMID wants to bring in the green with plants! Incorporating plants into your space is so beneficial to your everyday life. Not only are living plants a benefit for your health, but both living or faux, are visually appealing, add texture and pops of color to any space. I mean, plants have been around since before the dinosaurs, so how could we not want them in our homes?!

Plants and a candle in white vases on a woven mat

There are a few things to consider when deciding how to incorporate plants and what kinds to bring into your space. First of all, think about who uses the space. Does anyone have allergies to certain types of plants? Or maybe you have pets that like to chew on things. Or you have young children around that might be grabbing at items within reach. To keep plants out of reach, put them on higher shelves or think of another space to put them in. When considering pets and young children, make sure you research what plants may be harmful if consumed and keep those out of reach. Another thing to think about when introducing living plants is sunlight and water. All living plants have different requirements, but most need some amount of sunlight and water. Natural sunlight or grow lights can be considered, but remember to place plants somewhere where they will be comfortable. Water is easier to bring to plants anywhere in your home, but make sure greenery that has to be watered often is easily accessible or you will dread it every time and probably end up not doing it at all.

Chairs around a dining table with large purple flowers on it

When deciding what plants are right for your home or office, think about your own lifestyle as well. Are you bringing in plants to your downtown office space that you only visit twice a week? Maybe an easy to care for plant such as Monstera or Spider Plant or any others on House Beautiful’s list of easy to care for plants, requiring less maintenance would be a great choice for you. Even a faux floral that brightens up the space with no maintenance needed is a great option. Faux florals and greenery are a great way to bring in life without having to maintain or care for a plant. The varying textures and deep colors make a space more inviting and comfortable.

A modern home office with natural wood accents and many plants

Another way to bring life to a space with plants is with indoor trees and shrubs. It’s great way to fill space in a corner or add a pop of color in a neutral color palette. Again, these plants can be living or faux, whatever works for your lifestyle. A bold green palm in a beachy white, cream and beige bedroom is just the right colorful touch, bringing the outdoors in. Indoor trees and shrubs add volume and height to a space, creating a balance and harmony in your design. Pair a nice bushy shrub with a cozy living room or a minimal fern in a formal dining room – elegant, but whimsical.

Many studies have been done over the years to see how plants affect our lives. Plants and greenery have been proven to boost productivity and lower stress levels, which is fantastic! What an easy way to bring the outdoors in and put you in a better mood. Especially during these trying times over the last few years, having something to boost your mood, productivity and clean the air is a fantastic idea. Add a plant to your home office desk or send one to a friend to brighten their day!

A bright white and gold modern kitchen with many plants

When refreshing your space with the usual renovations such as paint, flooring, etc, think about other opportunities to liven the space. Interior designers and interior decorators design with plants all the time. Whether it’s real greenery or faux florals, it’s an important element in the space. Plants are perfect for decorating built-ins, bookshelves or a fun touch on a nightstand. Think about creating a balance with varying sizes and shapes…and don’t forget the power of 3 (clustering items in groups of 3 is a great way to create interest and balance).

If you’re ready to bring plants into your life, do your research and consult professionals as needed. In the Calgary area, The Chinook Gardener, is a great resource for your indoor (or outdoor!) plant needs! When it’s time to pull the space together, MMID can help! Whether you need a hand virtually through my eDesign services or an in person consultation in your new home, I’m here to guide you on the right choices for your lifestyle and budget.

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