Choosing Paint Colors and How Paint Affects your Life

April 8, 2022 - Michelle Murphy

Choosing a paint color for a space is probably one of the most challenging decisions homeowners are faced with when renovating. There are so many different brands of paint (such as Benjamin Moore), every color under the rainbow (and then some!) and don’t get me started on all those undertones. Without the knowledge and experience of selecting paint colors before, it can be quite overwhelming. You probably tend to lean towards the colors that look pretty to you and look good on a tiny little paint swatch in the fluorescent lit aisles of Home Depot or Lowes. How do you know that that will look good in your bedroom? Will it give you the cozy vibe you’re hoping for? Where do you even start?

There are many things to consider when selecting a paint color. For example, the space the paint is being used in can be a major factor. You probably wouldn’t want to put a high gloss paint in a high traffic area such as a hallway or kitchen because high gloss finish shows marks, dents and knicks in the paint a lot easier than eggshell or satin. Another consideration is color psychology. The color in a space can affect your mood, energy and more. Benjamin Moore has a great article discussing some of those details about the different colors and how they affect you in a space. Pinterest or Houzz are great places to get inspired and decide what colors you like. Then it’s best to get some samples and bring them into the space you want to paint to get the best feel for the color. One more consideration is the size of the space. For example, if you have a smaller living area that you want to feel more spacious and open, you should consider a lighter, cooler color to brighten the space. A darker, more dramatic color would make the space feel smaller and tighter than it actually is. But it could also be the perfect moody and cozy vibe for your bedroom or library. Every space is different and every person using the space is different. Find what works for you and your family.

Modern open concept kitchen

Changing the paint colour in your space can make such a difference. It can change the whole feel of a room and offer you benefits you weren’t even aware of. For some more insight, Jennifer of Jennifer Carr Painting shared some great points about transforming your space with new paint:

Bedroom feature wall with geometric paint pattern

There are so many great opportunities to spice up your home with new paint! The benefits to a newly painted space outweigh the cost and time it takes to get there. A transformation is a great way to lift your mood and spirit, a subtle paint color change can do just that. A pop of color to a neutral space or even changing the tone of a room from a warm beige to a cool grey can completely transform how your feel in the space. The benefits to a newly painted space outweigh the cost and time it takes to get there. Hiring a professional to help you select the paint colour, finish and give you recommendations on the best quality paint can save you time and money in the end. Painting a space is not an inexpensive project, but it can be done affordably if done right the first time. Hire the experts to the get the job done right, on time and on budget! Take a look at some of MMID’s projects to see what we can help you tackle.

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