How to Maximize a Small Space While Keeping it in Style

September 16, 2022 - Michelle Murphy

When you live or work in a small space, using it to it’s fullest potential is key. Making sure the space offers the function you need while keeping it usable and comfortable is so important to making you feel good in a space. While a lot of people may thing that small means less stylish, that is hardly the case. Just because it’s a small space doesn’t mean it has to be cramped with dated folding chairs and no space to host. Read on for some fun tips and tricks about using your small space the best way you can.

1 – Think Less is More

When designing and decorating in any space (small or large), it’s best to consider less is more. It’s especially true in small spaces because you don’t want it to feel crowded or cluttered. When filling shelves, remember practical items such as books and baskets for the children’s toys. Knick knacks and photos can also be added, but minimal is better. A smaller space can feel quite overwhelming if there is too many things making the space feel smaller. Greenery and plants can add nice texture and color to a space while also offering benefits to your health, consider adding them in your small space.

Open concept living room with wooden elements

2 – Consider Smaller or Dual-Purpose Furniture

Maybe consider alternatives to a large dining table with 6 chairs. A smaller 4-person table with a hidden leaf and stylish stacking chairs can be a great option. Only have 3-4 chairs around the table on a regular basis with the other 2-3 stacked in the corner. A stylish pillow or throw over the back can make them look less out of place. Or even a plant on top can make them act as a plant stand.

When thinking about a sofa or sectional, consider one with a pullout bed if you don’t have a dedicated guest space. It’s a great way to hide a bed when not in use, keeping the space tidy and beautiful, but it’s great to have when someone comes to spend the night (if you prefer they don’t stay long, less comfortable is better hint hint).

3 – Light and Bright Means Big and Beautiful

When choosing paint colors for a smaller space, think light and bright! Darker colors make rooms feel smaller and closed in. Especially in a space with less natural light, the softer and brighter colors can really open up a space. A neutral main color with a fun accent wall or even a nice wallpaper accent can do wonders for a space.

4 – Incorporate Airy Furniture

Again, light and bright! Lighter colored pieces or even glass tables can make a space feel a lot larger. It takes up less space visually and still serves its function. A glass coffee table with light colored sofas and a contrasting rug will do wonders for a small space. Enough seating to be functional with a table for drinks or games all grounded by a warm area rug to add texture and a cozy feel.

Scandinavian living room design inspiration

5 – Lighting & Mirrors, Oh My!

The way that light is brought into a space can make a world of difference. Lighter, more minimal designed light fixtures will do a lot to leave the room feeling open and comfortable while still serving a purpose. More light is great, just remember to scale back on size and density to give you an open feeling. Mirrors are also a great way to make a space feel larger. They bounce around light and reflections to make a space feel open and bright. Whether decorative or functional, mirrors can be the perfect touch to finish off a small space.

Scandinavian living room design inspiration

If you’re ready to tackle a renovation of your small space or just update the furniture to work well in your tiny home, reach out to Michelle Murphy Interior Design. I’m ready to chat and help you with your space!

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