Home Blunder Series: Common Interior Design Mistakes (Part 3)

January 15, 2024 - Michelle Murphy

Can you believe we’re on part three of the Home Blunder Series?!

We’ve already covered a bunch of common interior design mistakes in part one and part two, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t yet.

Part three is all about the fine details with big impacts that get overlooked far too often.

Ok, enough small talk… let’s get into some more home blunders!

Common Interior Design Mistakes

Even the smallest details can greatly impact your overall aesthetic. Being aware of these very common interior design mistakes will lead to truly transformative design outcomes.

Modern black and white living room decor with yellow accent chair

Mistake #7: Hanging Art Incorrectly

Art goes hand in hand with interior design, but it’s not just what you hang–it’s how you hang it.

Why Art Placement Matters

Incorrectly hung art can be really disruptive to the visual harmony of a room. Whether it’s too high, too low, or out of scale, the overall balance of the space can be totally thrown off by this seemingly small blunder.

Where incorrectly placed art takes away from the vibe of a space, properly placed art complements the room’s dimensions and layout to enhance the overall aesthetic.

What You Should Do Instead

Transitional living room with grey and blue color scheme and chrome accents

Mistake #8: Misplaced Furniture Arrangement

Of all the common interior design mistakes, banishing furniture to the room’s perimeter is one of the most likely offenders.

Why Furniture Placement Matters

One of the easiest ways to instantly make a room more inviting is to be strategic with furniture placement. Furniture pushed against the walls can make a room feel disconnected and impersonal (it’s also not the most functional), while thoughtfully placed furniture invites interaction and warmth.

What You Should Do Instead

Bedroom pendant light, rattan pendant light over nightstand

Mistake #9: Overlooking Lighting

Many homes come with basic or insufficient lighting fixtures, which can affect both the aesthetics and functionality of a space–and your actual mood.

Why Lighting Matters in Design

Did you know that lighting affects your psychological state? Aside from highlighting key design elements and bringing space to life, lighting can alter our perception of a room’s size and shape and even impact our circadian rhythm.

What You Should Do Instead


Part three is a wrap!

Hopefully, you feel confident putting these tips to work making sure that your art, furniture and lighting are the best they can be for your space. Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon with some more common interior design mistakes. As long as they are happening, the Home Blunder Series will live on!

Until next time.

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