Home, Smart Home: How to Integrate Home Tech in Your Reno

February 26, 2024 - Michelle Murphy

It’s no secret that smart homes are changing the way we live. Now, our houses can do amazing things like turn lights off and on for us, keep us safe, and help us save energy—all because of smart home tech. As of this year, smart home technology stats in Canada show that:

If you’re planning a home reno, including smart tech can result in a seamless turnkey project. It can make your home work better for you with technology that’s easy to use, and incorporating it isn’t actually as complicated as you might think.

The Smart Home Tech Trend

People love the idea of a home that adjusts to their needs. Imagine walking into a room where the lights adjust with the day, or having a heating system that knows exactly when to warm up the house for your arrival.

As homes become more modern, homeowners see that incorporating technology can make them feel better in their space while adding value to their homes. And with an estimated 69% of homes expected to have smart home technology by 2028, the numbers reflect that.

To make the most of smart technologies in your renovation, you have to plan for them. In other words, adding smart features isn’t something to tack on at the end of the project. It’s best when it’s part of the design from the start so you can make sure that everything from wires to Wi-Fi is perfectly placed.

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Benefits of Smart Home Tech in Renos

Integrating technology into your renovation doesn’t mean you have to jampack your space with gadgets. Done right, smart home tech can make your living space into a more convenient, secure, and energy-efficient environment.

Here’s how:

Enhanced Convenience in Automation

Nowadays, you have the power to control your home’s lighting, temperature, and even entertainment systems with just your voice or an app. Smart home tech brings a level of convenience into your life that makes daily routines easier and more enjoyable. With automation, you can set schedules for your devices to operate based on your lifestyle to make sure your home is always as you like it.

Smart home tech automation can be a great addition to your vacation properties. Whether you have a lake house, country cottage or remote cabin, it’s nice to be able to control things from afar and keep an eye on your home away from home.

Improved Security

Keeping your home and loved ones safe is a top priority, and these days, smart home tech plays a big role in security. From smart locks that allow for keyless entry to doorbell cams you can monitor from anywhere, these technologies offer peace of mind by making your home more secure and giving you control over who can access your space.

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Increased Energy Efficiency

Did you know that smart home tech can also be good for the planet? Devices like smart thermostats and energy-efficient LED lighting systems help reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. According to Nest Labs, smart thermostats can help the average household save 10-12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling costs. By optimizing how and when energy is used in your home, you can enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle (and lower bills) without sacrificing comfort.

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Nest thermostat in home renovation

How to Implement Smart Home Tech in Your Renovation

There are some important considerations for thoughtfully planning and executing smart home tech in your next reno:

Start with a Plan

Before you begin your renovation, identify your needs and goals for integrating smart home tech. Consider which aspects of your home life you’d like to enhance. This will help guide your choices in technology and ensure they align with your lifestyle.

Choose the Right Devices

With countless smart home products on the market, it’s important to select devices that are compatible with each other and with your home’s infrastructure. Look for products that support standard communication protocols and can be easily integrated into a unified smart home system.

Professional Installation

While some smart home devices are designed for DIY installation, others may require professional installation, especially if they need to be integrated into your home’s electrical system or network infrastructure. Hiring a professional can ensure that your devices are installed correctly and function as intended.

Looking for a contractor? Check out these 4 tips for choosing the right GC.

Consider Future Scalability

As your needs change and technology evolves, you may want to add or upgrade devices. Plan for future scalability by choosing a system that allows for easy expansion and integration of new devices to ensure that your home can adapt with technological advancements.

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From House to Smart Home

Integrating smart home tech into your next reno is a great way to enhance your living space for greater convenience, security, and energy efficiency (not to mention it adds dollar signs to your home’s value should you sell!).

As we look towards the future of living, the integration of smart home tech stands out as a key component in creating modern homes that are not only comfortable and secure but also kind to our planet.

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