Canyon Meadows Lash Studio

Oh my lashes! Lash Culture is a local eyelash studio offering lash services and training. They were ready to move to their own space and MMID was there to help! We started with a blank (very yellow) slate and transformed it into a modern, glamorous lash studio.

Framed wallpaper paneling ideas

The showstopper as you enter the space is the bold black wall with floral wallpaper. It's glam, bold and beautiful just like the Lash Culture team and clientele! Simple white, grey and black furniture makeup the reception area to allow the details to pop. Neon signs, a beautiful custom gallery wall and archway to the treatment rooms create a magical experience for all who enter.

Commercial interior design in Calgary

The custom colored hallway acts a fun way to lead clients to their destination. Each room is themed with a Lash Culture brand color! As you enter each room, a simple black treatment bed is surrounded by colorful accents in the other furniture, art and decor, all color matched to the room. Each room creates an experience, a calming ambiance to set the mood. With flowing drapery and moody lighting, a relaxing oasis becomes your happy place!

Color coded doors, modern wayfinding ideas

The last spaces in the studio may not seem like very much fun, but who said we couldn't have more fun?! The bathroom is the perfect topper to this glam studio! White, light and bright with a bold marble inspired wallpaper bring this space the little oomph to create some drama. Black and gold accents with a beautiful pendant above the sink really capture the essence of Lash Culture's beauty.

Last, but not least, the staff room is so cozy and chic! A small kitchenette for cooking and cleaning was just what the team needed. Somewhere to relax between clients, grab a snack or clean up after their shift...I think this light and bright space delivers!

Black and white commercial bathroom with marble look wallpaper and black and gold accents
Black, white, gold and pink gallery wallCommercial space reception area with black wall and framed floral wallpaperLash studio décor ideasRed room décor inspirationLash studio treatment room design inspirationTeal room décor inspirationColor coded doors, modern wayfinding ideasBlack and white commercial bathroom with marble look wallpaper and black and gold accentsModern white and black kitchen ideasTeal room décor inspiration for lash studio treatment roomsModern white and gold shelf décor ideasWhite and gold design inspirationFramed wallpaper paneling ideasGold room décor inspirationGold room décor inspirationPink room décor ideas


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