Home Blunder Series: Common Interior Design Mistakes (Part 4)

June 10, 2024 - Michelle Murphy

We’re back with more common interior design mistakes! And this time, you’re getting a special instalment.

Drumroll please

Renovation woes.

That’s right. We’re talking home reno missteps, how to avoid them, and what to do instead.

The Home Blunder Series is alive and well! Let’s get into part four.

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Common Interior Design Mistakes in Renovations

Home renovations are usually a mix of anticipation and anxiety. Avoiding these common interior design mistakes can help make the bumps in the road a little less bumpy… and costly.

Two tone kitchen, white and wood cabinetry with red gas range

Mistake #10: Thinking in the Now

It’s easy to get excited about how things will look right away. But only thinking about the “now” can cause problems later. A common mistake homeowners make is not considering long-term goals and potential resale value.

Renovations are BIG investments, so it’s important to think about the future. What you like today might not work for you in a few years, especially if your family changes or your lifestyle evolves. Plus, future buyers might not like overly personalized or trendy updates, which could hurt your home’s resale value.

To avoid these issues, consider:

Balancing current desires with long-term goals means you can make sure your renovation adds lasting value to your home.

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Mistake #11: Buying “Quality” Items from Big Box Stores

It’s tempting to buy all your renovation materials from big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. These stores are great options if you’re looking for lower-priced selections, but you probably shouldn’t make them your go-to for quality pieces.

Big box stores can offer low prices because they buy in bulk and get volume discounts. However, the materials they sell are often of lesser quality compared to those from specialty suppliers. This means you might save money upfront but end up paying more in the long run for repairs or replacements.

To make sure you’re getting true quality, try:

If you want to avoid frequent repairs and enjoy a more durable and lasting renovation, invest in higher-quality materials that support longevity.

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Modern kitchen with black faucet and white countertops

Mistake #12: Improper Budgeting

Proper budgeting is crucial for a successful renovation. Without a well-thought-out interior design budget, you can quickly run into financial trouble, leading to unfinished projects or poor-quality results.

To avoid cash pitfalls:

Creating and sticking to a realistic budget will help you avoid financial stress and ensure your renovation is completed to a high standard.

Mistake #13: Ignoring Professional Advice

Think you can save money by doing things yourself and ignoring professional advice? Think again.

Professionals bring expertise and experience that can save you time, money, and frustration. They know the ins and outs of building codes, design principles, and the latest materials. Ignoring their advice can result in code violations and design flaws that are expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Follow these 4 tips to find the right general contractor.

To make the most of professional advice:

If you value professional advice, you can ensure a smoother renovation process and avoid expensive mistakes.

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Home under construction, demo stage of home renovation


Renovating your home should be exciting above everything else. Avoiding these common interior design mistakes is the first step in easing the process and laying the foundation for a successful project.

By thinking long-term, sourcing high-quality materials, sticking to a realistic budget, and listening to professional advice, you can ensure your renovation goes smoothly and adds value to your home.

Happy renovating!

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