3 Foolproof Tips for Styling Window Treatments

June 24, 2024 - Michelle Murphy

Y’all know we love a good window treatment chat!

Our Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments gives you everything you need to know about window treatment types, functionality, maintenance, and cost—now it’s time to talk styling.

Let’s jump in and make your windows part of the decor!

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Modern neutral bedroom design, black white and grey bedroom

#1. Hang Drapes Correctly

Hanging your drapes higher than the top of the window will make the room feel taller. You can mount the curtain rod all the way at the ceiling for a dramatic look, but you should aim for at least a foot above the window frame.

Ideally, your curtain rod will also extend three to six inches on either side of the window. For wide windows, use multiple panels to get the fullness you need.

Drapery Styles

Different drapes can completely change the vibe of your room:

Where Should I Buy Drapes?

Finding the right drapes means knowing where to shop!

Neutral living room with two sofas, black and white photos and layered window treatments

#2. Layer, Layer, Layer

Why have one when you can have multiple! Layering window treatments is a great way to add depth and versatility to your windows by combining function and style to give you the best of both worlds.

It’s also practical. For example, layering drapes over blinds not only makes your windows look sexy but can give you better light control and insulation. Here’s a quick snapshot of the practical side of things:

Tips for Choosing Complementary Styles & Materials

When layering, choose styles and materials that complement each other:

Learn about layering lighting and more in our Ultimate Lighting Fixtures Guide.

Eat in kitchen with dark cabinetry and countertops

#3. Choose the Right Window Treatments for Each Room

Different rooms have different window treatment needs. Here’s how to choose the right ones for each space.

Living Room Window Treatments

The living room is often the focal point of your home, so your window treatments should make somewhat of a statement:

Bedroom Window Treatments

In the bedroom, privacy and light control should be priority uno:

Kitchen Window Treatments

The kitchen calls for practical and easy-to-clean window treatments:

Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathrooms need privacy and moisture-resistant materials:

Here’s to Pane-Free Styling!

Styling your window treatments can completely change the look and feel of your home. With these tips, your window treatments can be a trendy highlight in your decor.

Here’s to window treatments that are both functional and beautiful!

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