6 Tips for Keeping Your Summer Home Fresh All Year Long

April 8, 2024 - Michelle Murphy

Having a summer home is awesome. Not many things are better than your own special spot to escape to when the weather gets hot.

When you pull up to your summer getaway, you want it to be just as you left it–in order and ready for relaxation. That means following certain tips and design tricks to make sure your home is always guest-ready, even in the off-season.

If you’re curious about how to make your summer home a year-round paradise, then keep reading!

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6 Ways to Season-Proof Your Summer Home

With these tips, your summer home will be just as inviting in the winter, spring, and fall!

#1. Don’t Skip Prep & Maintenance

Nobody wants to start their vacation fixing things. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep your home in great condition when you’re gone.


Before you say goodbye at the end of the season, be sure to protect your home from the cold. Insulate pipes, turn off exterior faucets, and seal windows and doors against drafts. If you’re in a very cold area or if you’ll be gone for an extended period, it’s not a bad idea to take a more in-depth winterizing approach (this checklist can help you out!).

Pest Control

Nothing ruins a welcome back like creepy-crawly little guests. Before you lock up, ensure your home is sealed from pests. Use natural deterrents or professional pest control methods to keep critters at bay, focusing on common entry points like windows, doors, and vents.

Regular Check-ins

If possible, have a neighbour, friend, or property management service check on your home every now and then. They can spot issues early and prevent minor problems from becoming major headaches.

#2. Keep Essentials Stocked

When you finally arrive at your summer home, tired from the journey, the last thing you want to do is go shopping for toilet paper and cleaning products.

(Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about packing things like towels and socks?)

Start with the essentials–dishes, linens, towels, basic toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Stock up on non-perishable goods like pasta, canned foods, spices, and coffee. Having these items in abundance means you’re always ready for unexpected guests or last-minute trips. Each visit, take stock of what’s running low or needs replacing.

#3. Organize Your Storage

You don’t want to waste precious vacation time hunting for beach gear or fishing equipment!

Designated Spots

Start by assigning specific areas for your frequently used vacay items. Beach toys, outdoor equipment, and board games should all have a designated spot so they are easy to grab and equally easy to put away.

And don’t forget the labels! Clear labelling takes the guesswork out of finding items, especially if you have guests staying. Use labels on shelves, bins, and closets to guide everyone to the right spot for what they need.

Vertical Space

Use walls and backs of doors for extra storage. Hooks, shelves, and over-the-door organizers can hold everything from hats and sunglasses to towels and robes to make the most of every inch of your summer home.

Smart Storage Solutions

Investing in furniture that doubles as storage is a great way to maximize space, especially in smaller summer homes and cabins. A coffee table with drawers, a bed with under-storage, or benches with hidden compartments can provide extra space without taking up additional room.

Get essential organization tips from a professional interior designer!

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#4. Use Low-Maintenance Materials in Your Design

When you’re unwinding in your summer home, you’re not going to want to spend more time than you need to on cleaning and maintenance. High-quality, durable, easy-to-clean materials, like quartz and vinyl, are going to stay in good shape with minimal effort from you compared to their marble and hardwood counterparts.

The same goes for outdoor spaces. Choosing furniture and finishes like composite decking, powder-coated furnishings, and weatherproof fabrics means that your outdoor furniture will be able to handle sun, rain, and everything in between for many seasons to come.

For the record, some of MMID’s favourite low-maintenance materials (that still look stunning) are:

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#5. Upgrade to Smart Devices

Smart home technology can transform your summer home into an efficient and sustainable oasis. These days, smart thermostats and lighting solutions learn your schedule and adjust for optimal energy use, maximizing your comfort while saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

While you’re away, smart security tools like doorbell cams and home monitoring systems let you keep an eye on things from anywhere. Smart locks that allow for keyless entry give you control over who can access your space, meaning that you don’t have to leave a spare key under a rock like in the olden days!

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#6. Design All-season Outdoor Spaces

Making your outdoor living areas usable for every season means that you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy your summer home’s green spaces! A cozy fire pit or outdoor heater can turn chilly evenings into warm gatherings in nature. A pergola or awning can provide shelter from the elements so you can enjoy the outdoors whether it’s raining or shining.

Again, investing in high-quality, weather-resistant outdoor furniture like teak, aluminium, and all-weather wicker ensures your outdoor living area is always ready for use.

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Your Year-Round Paradise Awaits!

Keeping your summer home fresh throughout the year requires a little prep on your part, but the reward is an all-season home that’s ready to welcome you and your guests whenever.

Arriving at your summer retreat to find it as inviting and comfortable as you left it only adds to the relaxation of your vacation. Whether you’re looking to optimize your space with smart technology, switch to low-maintenance materials, or simply ensure your home is welcoming year-round, we’re here to help!

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