5 Easy Vacation Home Decor Ideas for Hassle-Free Styling

April 24, 2024 - Michelle Murphy

If you’re lucky enough to own a vacation home (especially in MMID’s favourite Canadian destinations, Victoria and Kelowna), you’ve got a fantastic canvas to express yourself!

But you also want to decorate in a way that keeps the less-than-relaxing tasks as the last things on your mind. In other words, balance is key. You want to choose vacation home decor that matches your style, but also keeps things like upkeep and hosting hassle-free.

Let’s get to reading so you can get to relaxing!

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Grey white and brown lake house living room, white shiplap and wood media unit

1. Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

Nothing says relaxation less than spending your getaway time scrubbing and cleaning. And that’s where low-maintenance vacation home decor comes in.

Some materials are just better at dealing with mess. Slipcovers for sofas, washable rugs, and vinyl flooring make cleanup quick and easy. With the high traffic that vacation homes get in such a limited window, it’s best to opt for cleanable materials on the furniture side of things too. Go for pieces with removable covers, surfaces that wipe down with a wet cloth, and durable finishes to make your life easier.

Pro Tip: Light colours might seem risky, but they can actually hide wear and tear waaaaaay better than their dark counterparts when chosen in the right fabrics and finishes!

2. Keep Vacation Home Decor Flexible

Your vacation home should be welcoming no matter the season or who’s visiting, and keeping your vacation home decor somewhat flexible helps achieve this.

One way to make sure your retreat suits any season is through easy vacation home decor swaps. Think interchangeable throw pillows, reversible blankets, and slipcovers that can change with the weather. Similarly, choosing furniture that can adapt to different needs, like extendable dining tables for holiday feasts, sofa beds for extra guests, and ottomans that serve as additional seating and storage ensures you’re always prepared.

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Neutral floral art with vase of faux flowers

3. Create Guest-Friendly Spaces

Even in the closest of groups, everyone appreciates a bit of privacy. You want your guests to feel comfortable, so first and foremost, ensure every person has a spot to lay low. That means having enough beds for each guest and enough seating in quieter areas to provide options for private downtime.

Pro Tip: From wall beds to hidden bunks, there are a ton of creative ways to sneak more beds into your vacation home!

Also, guests come with stuff… and that stuff needs a place to go. Entryways should have ample hooks for coats and shelves for shoes, especially in Victoria or Kelowna, where summer and winter outdoor adventures are part of the charm. In bedrooms and bathrooms, provide clear storage options for guests’ belongings to keep spaces tidy.

4. Don’t Be Overly Literal

Aka, skip the clichéd themes.

Instead of filling your space with overtly thematic items (seashells in a beach house, ski equipment in a mountain cabin, etc), consider subtler nods. Love the ocean? Incorporate a coastal palette of blues and greens with light nautical touches. Enchanted by the forest? Earth tones and natural wood textures can bring the magic of nature indoors. Artwork by local artists, colour schemes inspired by the surrounding landscape, and materials that reflect the natural beauty of the area can all evoke a sense of place without feeling kitschy.

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5. Have Fun!

Your vacation home is your getaway from the every day, so don’t be afraid to freely experiment with things that you might hesitate to use in your primary residence. While avoiding clichéd decor, don’t shy away from themes that genuinely resonate with you and your family. Play with bold colours, unexpected patterns, or eclectic home decor elements to create a space that brings you joy every time you visit.

Bright dining room with large floor to ceiling windows

Vacation Mode Activated!

Every vacation home decor detail contributes to making your personal getaway hassle-free and enjoyable. Whether your vacation home is in Victoria, Kelowna, or any other beloved Canadian spot, it’s a blank slate for your imagination. Keep balance in mind between personal taste, practicality, and guest comfort, but don’t be scared to experiment.

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